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Whisky Business

Whisky Business ... Cask strength music for everyone !!! Some things happen by design, some things by accident. Take the 'Big Bang' theory, ... Read more


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Huw Parsons and Friends

‘Isn't it wonderful when rhymes just fit, funny when they don't quite and absolutely appalling when they don't exist? Keep versifying ... Read more

Ruth Bowen with Craig Webb

Ruth Bowen's Gardenia Swing plays a wide variety of jazz and swing numbers mainly from the thirties, forties and fifties - tunes made popular by ... Read more

 Brecon Fringe Festival 2015

Brecon Fringe Festival 2015 will take place from Thursday, August 6 - Sunday, August 9. There are 30+  venues again in 2015 with live music and other events taking place in venues all over town and in nearby villages.

The 2015 programme will be updated shortly  but visit us our official PAGE and GROUP  on facebook for up to date news and comments in the meantime.











Fun for all - Family Friendly Events Brecon Fringe Festival Programme


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