The Ardent Paintpot Ardent Gallery

Address: Ardent Gallery, 46 The High Street, Brecon, LD3 7AP

Telephone: 01874 623 333

Ardent Gallery offers a programme of live music and dance performance throughout the Fringe Festival. 

Programme details may change.  Please check with venue

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Friday 10th August

  • John Eyre 2016

    John Eyre

    • Time: 6:00pm
    • Info: Singer songwriter and classy guitarist John Eyre is legendary around these parts for knowing over 1,000 songs. You'll never know what you get. Recently seen on tour with Rhydian Roberts.
  • shango & chef

    Shango & Chef

    • Time: 8:30pm
    • Info: Shango and Chef are a powerful djembe and guitar two piece that play a selection of rock and blues from the last 50 years. Soulful vocals, fancy guitar work and solid rhythms resuscitate the classics you know and love. A peppering of whimsical original songs season the tasty flavours and offer an insight into the writing genius of these two young men.

Saturday 11th August

  • Tom Crow

    Tom Crow

    • Time: 12:30pm
    • Info: A South Wales singer songwriter, Tom Crow plays his own self penned songs which tell of the eloquent misery and splendid humanity steeped in the rich history of valley life, the valleys and their modern day decline. His music is delivered in a heartfelt acoustic folk Americana or Celticana style. His songs have been featured numerous times on BBC Radio Wales Celtic Heartbeat and many other independent stations. Tom Crow played at the Cambridge Fringe Folk Festival in 2017 sharing a stage with John Boden formerly frontman of Bellowhead.
  • Four Brothers

    4 Brothers

    • Time: 2:00pm
    • Info: 4 Brothers are a South Wales based brotherhood whose music evokes the rich country harmonies and spirit of a sound that has influenced generations. Currently working and performing as a duo, long time friends and musical collaborators Justin Beynon and Paul Rosser make up the creative center of the band. The boys interest in melody and harmony makes for an interesting blend of styles and a truly uplifting live performance experience. 4 Brothers have just finished recording their debut album which is scheduled for release Summer 2014.
  • Lighthouse Fire

    Lighthouse Fire

    • Time: 4:30pm
    • Info:  Oh my god, there's a fire in the lighthouse. Good for ships though, I suppose. Oh, here's the blurb now... Lighthouse fire are a band with a flare for folk and americana music playing original songs and covers as storytellers to music-- Twitter @Lighthousefire
  • Gwyn Kate 2018


    • Time: 7:00pm
    • Info:  Gwyn and Kate are a local brother and sister duo, following folk roots with subtle jazz influence and imagery infused lyrics Instagram is: lumamusic
  • calling card 2016

    Paul Keddle's Calling Card

    • Time: 9:00pm
    • Info: The Hours say: 'It's gonna rain brother, and it's gonna rain hard, when the blues comes calling with it's calling card'. Oh yes, it's the one and only Paul Keddle and his cool as cats band of musical men with an evening of foot-tapping, hip-swinging, heart-stopping, sassy, smooth Rhythm & Blues to give you a Fringe weekend closer to remember... Oh yeah.'  

Sunday 12th August

  • Bob Gallie

    Bob Gallie

    • Time: 12:00pm
    • Info: Bob Gallie is a big Fringe fan and more power to his elbow. He's often seen posing for pics over the Fringe with Angus Kings and that dodgy bloke out of Greed The Rock Opera. Blurb says this: Ex-frontman for Brian Tatler from Diamond Head, Bob Gallie sings from the soul, going back to his roots playing acoustic songs with broken melodies and diverse lyrics...searching for a better world. Maybe, just maybe...there may be some sense hidden somewhere in the light.....shaded in the dark...just search...
  • McCarthyism


    • Time: 1:00pm
    • Info: Mark McCarthy's fab band featuring the rhythmic skills of Tim Bough, the mysterious guitar noodling of Billy Strangward and the precise bass playing of Graham Langbourne. Original material. (Pssst... it's the not guy over to the left. That's Senator Joseph McCarthy. He's not in the band but it's the only photo I could find of McCarthyism.)
  • Darren Baker

    Darren Baker

    • Time: 3:30pm
    • Info: A young, talented up-and-coming solo singer and guitarist
  • Tim Manning 2017

    Tim Manning

    • Time: 6:00pm
    • Info: Tim Manning from Blind River Scare does a solo spot. Blind River Scare produce Americana-tinged bitter-sweet songs played within a laid back folk rock template.
  • John Eyre 2016

    John Eyre

    • Time: 8:30pm
    • Info: Singer songwriter and classy guitarist John Eyre is legendary around these parts for knowing over 1,000 songs. You'll never know what you get. Recently seen on tour with Rhydian Roberts.

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