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Address: Brecon Rugby Club, 63 The Watton, Brecon, LD3 7EL

Telephone: 01874 624848

Oxjam Brecon stage a full weekend of live music over the Fringe 2011 at Brecon Rugby Club, which was voted Best Fringe Venue 2010 by visitors to this website.

The Rugby Club is also well known for its camping facilities over the Fringe Festival. Contact the Club for more information.

Programme details may change. Please check with venue

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Friday 9th August

  • Luke Doherty

    Luke Doherty Band

    • Time: 7:30pm
    • Info: Luke Doherty was born on 29th March 1994, in Newport, Gwent. He had an interest in music at a very young age. Although no one in his family play an instrument, he was determined to learn to play something, and at the age of five he started playing piano, but didn’t like it. He then asked to play the drums but was told by a drum teacher he was way too young and to wait a couple of years. He then settled on a half size acoustic guitar which he had to give up after three months due to medical reasons. At seven and a half he was nagging his parents again to learn guitar, so they bought him a second hand half size electric guitar and a second hand amp and he has never looked back. He instantly became hooked on blues, intently watching any blues musicians he could find on TV or DVD.
  • Sicknote Steve 1 2016

    Sicknote Steve

    • Time: 9:30pm
    • Info:  I'm assuming here that Sicknote Steve could be a bit like Seasick Steve.  Do you like your blues played on rudimentary instruments and hollered as if your life depended on it? Do you long for the days when Seasick Steve played small clubs and didn’t command such a hefty entrance fee, well if you answered yes to the following couple of questions salvation could be in hand. Whilst stumbling around at Upton Blues Festival, we chanced upon Mr Sicknote Steve, a man who know’s a think about feral howling blues and recreating that authentic Seasick sound.

Saturday 10th August

  • Tarion 2017


    • Time: 12:30pm
    • Info: Tarion are a female rock band from S E Wales, playing an original upbeat exciting live set...lil bit rocky, lil bit funky, lil bit punky. Mesmerising inspiring vocals from captivating front singer J, funky chunky guitar riffs by Clare, steady baselines from Judybass, and ripping beats from awesome drummer Sali.
  • Toriah Fontaine

    Toriah Fontaine

    • Time: 2:00pm
    • Info: “Her voice is powerful, she sings with passion and spirit and delivers her brand of blues in a way that entrances her audience. Think Amy Winehouse crossed with Etta James, a sprinkling of Sister Rosetta Tharpe and a soupcon of Mavis Staples and you'll be in the right area”. Toriah and the band have played some pretty big stages, including the British main stage at the Great British Rock and Blues Festival in Colne.    
  • Albino Frogs 2019

    The Albino Frogs

    • Time: 4:30pm
    • Info: This four piece Funky Band are able to bring a lot of gigging and recording experience to the table and turn up with a confident approach to entertain with great musicianship and memorable original songs.  
  • northern ruins 2019

    Northern Ruins

    • Time: 6:30pm
    • Info: Brecon based local boys, Adam, Owain, Jonny and Neal make up Northern Ruins. A young Energised indie-rock outfit who have braced the stages at Brecon Fringe Festival, Brecknock YFC rally and the YPV stage during the RWAS. Playing a mixture of popular cover songs and also writing original music.
  • Parcel Of Rogues 2013

    The Parcel Of Rogues

    • Time: 8:30pm
    • Info: The Parcel Of Rogues are a folk rock band playing an eclectic mix of folk, roots, and rock based music. The repertoire is widely diverse, from driving foot stompers to slow atmospheric ballads, with a selection of traditional and Irish folk songs, plus a wide range in between! All performed with excellent musicianship, vocal harmonies and peppered with a great deal of fun, they are always well received by their audiences. The band likes to get the audience involved, singing and dancing, and are not a ‘finger in the ear’ type of band by any means! The most frequently heard comments about the band: "What a breath of fresh air these guys are - definitely not the same old, same-old!"

Sunday 11th August

  • The Boar's Head at Fringe

    The Blues Sisters

    • Time: 12:00pm
    • Info:  The Blues Sisters
  • Tupelo Highway

    Tupelo Highway

    • Time: 2:00pm
    • Info: Funky Blues + Soul. Carolyn Delyth Chick: Keys / Vocals. Phillip Court:Bass. Bob Whittaker: Guitar / Vocals. John Munro: Drums  
  • Brecon Fringe Book

    Jimmy's Heros

    • Time: 5:00pm
    • Info:  No details as yet. 
  • Valve

    TBC - to be confirmed!

    • Time: 7:30pm
    • Info:  TBC - the hardest working band in Wales! 

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