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Address: Brecon Tap, 6 The Bulwark, Brecon, LD3 7LB

Telephone: 01874 623888

Real ales and pies! Central Brecon opposite the monument of Wellington.

Saturday 12th August

  • Mal Grint, Peter Jones & Clive Carpenter

    • Time: 12:00pm
    • Info:  Mal Grint, Peter Jones & Clive Carpenter
  • Lar Hughes 2016

    Lar Hughes

    • Time: 1:00pm
    • Info: Ex-Judy Speedway (Kerrang!!! / NME / Melody Maker / Radio 1 and appearances with the Stranglers, members of the Clash and Feeder). Playing original songs plus covers Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, The Waterboys, Neil Young, The Specials and many more...
  • Leedham 2017

    Mark Leedham

  • Lighthouse Fire

    Lighthouse Fire

    • Time: 3:00pm
    • Info:  Oh my god, there's a fire in the lighthouse. Good for ships though, I suppose.
  • Freyja

    Freyja Duggan & Co

    • Time: 4:00pm
    • Info:  Freyja Duggan & Co
  • Paul Cobbold and Paul Dafrunn 2017 a

    Paul Daffrun and Paul Cobbold

    • Time: 5:00pm
    • Info: Paul Daffurn is a songwriter and singer based in the UK. He writes in a vein laced with Blues, Alternative Rock and Folk influences and his reflective lyrics communicate a deep, emotional charge. Paul’s current work is essentially acoustic but it still retains all the energy found in earlier band-based performances of his original material with 30 Seconds, Lucyhouse and Greg Ridley (Humble Pie/Spooky Tooth). Paul Cobbold has a very strong link to Rockfield Studio's the rest they say is history: Professional background as a musician (session and bands), sound recording engineer and record producer, live sound engineer and project studio owner. Full time lecturer/teacher in Recording Technology with accreditation for the teaching of adults.
  • The Speedgums

    The Speedgums

  • Platform 1

    Platform 1

    • Time: 7:30pm
    • Info:  Platform 1. All aboard!!!
  • Awaiting Image

    Wolfren Riverstick

    • Time: 9:00pm
    • Info:  Wild
  • Sicknote Steve 1 2016

    Sicknote Steve

    • Time: 10:30pm
    • Info:  I'm assuming here that Sicknote Steve could be a bit like Seasick Steve.  Do you like your blues played on rudimentary instruments and hollered as if your life depended on it? Do you long for the days when Seasick Steve played small clubs and didn’t command such a hefty entrance fee, well if you answered yes to the following couple of questions salvation could be in hand. Whilst stumbling around at Upton Blues Festival, we chanced upon Mr Sicknote Steve, a man who know’s a think about feral howling blues and recreating that authentic Seasick sound.

Sunday 13th August

  • John Stuart Hogg

    John Stuart Hogg

  • The Troupe

    The Troupe

    • Time: 2:00pm
    • Info: Grace Baker, Nell Williams and Nia Roles
  • John Eyre 2016

    John Eyre

    • Time: 4:00pm
    • Info: Singer songwriter and classy guitarist John Eyre is legendary around these parts for knowing over 1,000 songs. You'll never know what you get. Recently seen on tour with Rhydian Roberts.
  • Jesse River Dylan Murray

    Jesse River Dylan Murray

    • Time: 5:00pm
    • Info:  "Somebody has to be me, so it might as well be me."                                                               FRINGE WRITE-UP: Jesse River Dylan Murray “I'm a left bumcheek hanging from a noose. I'm the seashells in your stomach. I'm lime flavoured. I'm Michael Jackson trapped inside a slightly larger Michael Jackson. I'm toilet paper.” It’s an interesting statement from Jesse River Dylan Murray. And with songs like Everyone Wants To Look At Me But Nobody Wants To Look Me In The Eye and That’s Got Nothing To Do With Music, we’re not in ordinary territory here. He’s something else. This is what pop stars look like. Jesse River Dylan Murray plays Brecon Fringe at Brecon Tap on Frineg Sunday at 5pm.

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