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Address: Brecon Tap, 6 The Bulwark, Brecon, LD3 7LB

Telephone: 01874 623888

Real ales and pies! Central Brecon opposite the monument of Wellington.

Friday 9th August

  • John Eyre 2016

    John Eyre

    • Time: 4:00pm
    • Info: Singer songwriter and classy guitarist John Eyre is legendary around these parts for knowing over 1,000 songs. You'll never know what you get. Recently seen on tour with Rhydian Roberts.
  • Bob Evans Open Mic Blue Pic

    Bob Evans

    • Time: 5:00pm
    • Info:  Bob Evans plays blues originals.
  • David Cooper Orton 2016

    David Cooper Orton

    • Time: 6:00pm
    • Info: Initially inspired by the Beatles and Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, he has survived a headlong rush through blues, "prog", fusion, punk, and jazz - plus: a failed audition with Henry Cow. Now living in Penarth, David's main musical focus is ambient guitar and "livelooping" - the use of digital technology to capture phrases of music and sound, then "loop" them to produce repeating patterns which gradually develope into evolving musical compositions. His palette of influences ranges from guitarists Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell, David Torn John Martyn and Nick Drake; minimalist composer Steve Reich; ambient guru Brian Eno; and music from around the world. ------------------------------------------------------------------- "Adept looping and a neo-minimalist compositional approach lie at the core of this wonderfully melodic and aurally exquisite collaboration between British guitarist David Cooper Orton and American upright bassist Steve Uccello" [Barry Cleveland reviewing the album Warp and Weft for Guitar Player magazine] "David Cooper Orton's eclectic set of folk, jazz and blues creates a beautiful sound...[using] guitar and electronics, he transfixes audiences with his ability to fill the stage with multiple layers of music from his one instrument" [Make it Yours programme notes, Glanfa Stage, Wales Millennium Centre] "Letter perfect...lyrical and groovacious" [Guitar Player magazine] "combines Frisell-like twang with minimalist delicacy" [Time Out magazine] "His style is delicate and pretty, in the style of ECM Records jazzers from the 70s or a John Martyn solo." [BUZZ magazine] "Cooper Orton, who describes himself as a 'bespoke ambient and jazz guitarist'...succeeded brilliantly...deploying his range of foot pedals to good effect to create ambient sound washes and a rich array of colours and textures". Ian Mann, reviewing the Gerard Cousins Project, Brecon Jazz Festival 2017,    
  • Gwyn Kate 2018

    Gwyn and Kate

    • Time: 7:00pm
    • Info: Gwyn and Kate - please send us details, guys! To
  • shango & chef

    Shango & Chef

    • Time: 8:30pm
    • Info: Shango and Chef are a powerful djembe and guitar two piece that play a selection of rock and blues from the last 50 years. Soulful vocals, fancy guitar work and solid rhythms resuscitate the classics you know and love. A peppering of whimsical original songs season the tasty flavours and offer an insight into the writing genius of these two young men.

Saturday 10th August

  • Brecon Fringe Book

    Country Folk

    • Time: 12:00pm
    • Info:  Country Folk is Les Coveney & Lesley Elworthy
  • Brecon Fringe Book

    Tony and friends

    • Time: 1:00pm
    • Info:  Tony and friends
  • calling card 2016

    Paul Keddle's Calling Card

    • Time: 2:00pm
    • Info: The Hours say: ‘It’s gonna rain brother, and it’s gonna rain hard, when the blues comes calling with it’s calling card’. Oh yes, it’s the one and only Paul Keddle and his cool as cats band of musical men with an evening of foot-tapping, hip-swinging, heart-stopping, sassy, smooth Rhythm & Blues to give you a Fringe weekend closer to remember... Hot. Danggg...'  
  • Brecon Fringe Book

    Freya and Jamie

    • Time: 3:00pm
    • Info:  Freya and Jamie
  • Brecon Fringe Book

    Jamie and David

    • Time: 5:30pm
    • Info:  Jamie and David
  • brh

    The Bay Rum Hounds

    • Time: 8:00pm
    • Info:  Anthony (harmonica) and Ed (guitar) formed Bay Rum Hounds to play traditional acoustic country blues, hokum, early Chicago blues, gospel and swing. Bob (percussion) and Jason (double bass) have been added to the line up, and gig as duo, trio or 4 piece. They say: This year we are playing Upton festival, Brecon Fringe, Tenby Blues as well as being regulars at Cardiff's Cafe Jazz, Cardiff and Bristol Bootleggers, and Goose and Cuckoo near Abergavenny. Have just gigged at Brown's in Laugharne and a very successful private garden party! We have recorded our first CD with a mixture of full band and duo songs. See us on Facebook and Reverbnation. Future plans include world domination and continuing to enjoy our music.
  • Sicknote Steve 1 2016

    Sicknote Steve

    • Time: 10:00pm
    • Info:  I'm assuming here that Sicknote Steve could be a bit like Seasick Steve.  Do you like your blues played on rudimentary instruments and hollered as if your life depended on it? Do you long for the days when Seasick Steve played small clubs and didn’t command such a hefty entrance fee, well if you answered yes to the following couple of questions salvation could be in hand. Whilst stumbling around at Upton Blues Festival, we chanced upon Mr Sicknote Steve, a man who know’s a think about feral howling blues and recreating that authentic Seasick sound.
  • Brecon Fringe Book

    DJ Sicknote Steve

    • Time: 11:00pm
    • Info: DJ Sicknote Steve

Sunday 11th August

  • mccarthyism


    • Time: 12:00pm
    • Info: Mark McCarthy's fab band featuring the bass skills of Tim Bough, and the mysterious drumming of Phil Redfox.Original material. 
  • Brecon Fringe Book

    Fil Z

    • Time: 1:00pm
    • Info:  Fil Z
  • Scribble Man gtr on head

    Scribble Man

    • Time: 2:00pm
    • Info: It's the infrequent return of Scribbleman to The Hours and The Tap with songs about deceased authors, moving to the countryside and parallel girls. There may even be some songs from Greed The Movie from the composer himself. Scribbleman - a lifestyle occupation. And one or two songs from new movie in production Bungalowland. (He may make an appearance at Brecon Farmers Market).
  • Andrew Bazerley

    Andrew Bazeley

    • Time: 3:00pm
    • Info:  Andrew Bazeley and his skill at conveying the sound and the spirit of the old acoustic blues have drawn gasps of admiration wherever he plays: whether it’s the Son House/Charley Patton slide style (played on an authentic 1929 National) or the melodic fingerpicking style of players like Willie McTell and Robert Johnson (on his 1918 Gibson). But his range is broader: the hokum songs from Bill Broonzy and Memphis Jug Band can be heard alongside the likes of Hoagy Carmichael and even the soul classics of Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson. He’ s even been known to include The Who and some reggae in his set!
  • Brecon Fringe Book

    Nia and Billy

    • Time: 4:00pm
    • Info:  Nia and Billy
  • Bob Gallie 2019

    Bob Gallie

    • Time: 6:30pm
    • Info: Bob Gallie is a big Fringe fan and more power to his elbow. He's often seen posing for pics over the Fringe with Angus Kings and that dodgy bloke out of Greed The Rock Opera. Originally from South Wales, Bob has been performing at Festivals and gigs throughout the country and overseas. Having performed in the Folk Clubs of South Wales, Bob eventually joined Brian Tatler from the NWOHM band " Diamond Head ". Performing as a Vocalist and performing at well known Venues such as the Marquee in London and touring nationwide. Returning after 5yrs on the road, Bob went back to his roots and can now be found performing at Festivals throughout the country, such as Beacon Festival, Godney Gathering, Watchet Festival, Brecon Fringe Festival, Trowbridge Festival, The Green Gathering, Glastonbury Calling and many more. Bob has worked with Boon Gould (Level 42) Dave Sharp(The Alarm) and performed alongside Steve Knightly, Phil Beer (Show Of Hands ) and Reg Meuross, amongst others. Bob says....." Music has always been my journey to the Soul "
  • shango & chef

    Shango & Chef

    • Time: 9:00pm
    • Info: Shango and Chef are a powerful djembe and guitar two piece that play a selection of rock and blues from the last 50 years. Soulful vocals, fancy guitar work and solid rhythms resuscitate the classics you know and love. A peppering of whimsical original songs season the tasty flavours and offer an insight into the writing genius of these two young men.

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