Casa Casa

Address: Casa, St Mary's Street, Brecon, LD3 7AA

Telephone: 01874 611880

Paninis, pizza, wraps, breakfast and live music!

Saturday 10th August

  • Slow Glass Cap

    Slow Glass

    • Time: 6:00pm
    • Info: They say: Slow Glass is a Sci-Fi concept, of glass that takes many years for light to pass through it - Ade & Philip are Slow Glass - the musical equivalent, as most of our repertoire has taken many years to seep through. It could be Fats Waller, Joni Mitchell, The Eagles, Bob Dylan, Sinatra, Bette Midler, The Kinks, Katy Melua or even Green Day - we guarantee something you can sing along with as we take a trip down memory lane.

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Brecon Fringe Festival 2019

Brecon Fringe Festival 2019 takes place from Thursday, August 8 - Sunday, August 11. There are 20+ venues with live music and other events taking place all over town.


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