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Address: Clarence Inn, 25 The Watton, Brecon, LD3 7ED

Telephone: 01874 622810

The Clarence offers an extensive 4 day programme of music over the Fringe and is known for its atmosphere and top quality bands.

 Programme details may change. Please check with venue

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Thursday 10th August

  • Ragsy


    • Time: 7:30pm
    • Info: Taking inspiration from his own life experiences and finding catharsis in pouring his emotions into song, Ragsy’s heartfelt lyrics perfectly align with his raw, classic rock-inspired vocals. Crafted over a two-year period following his time on BBC’s The Voice in 2013, mentored by Sir Tom Jones; ‘Ouch!!!’ is a record of the highs and lows, where Ragsy’s distinctive voice tells an honest and impassioned tale of life’s unpredictability.
  • paradise


    • Time: 9:15pm
    • Info: This is what they say: 'Paradise' are a 5 piece band. We play the music of Coldplay. We are pleased to say that our debut gig will be at The Clarence on Thursday, August 10th. We then play at The Wellington Hotel on Saturday, August 12th. We are; Mark McCarthy, Bass and Lead Vocals; John Eyre, Keyboards, Guitar and Backing Vocals; Phil O'Sullivan, Drums; Simon Newcombe, Guitar; Molly McCarthy, Keyboards and Backing Vocals. Join us for what might be the adventure of a lifetime.

Friday 11th August

  • Eezygeezers 2

    The Eezygeezers

    • Time: 7:15pm
    • Info: The Eezygeezers were born from the ashes of the Heebeegeebeezs one of Breconshires best loved covers bands. Our core philosophy is eclecticism, and we entertain audiences with a mixture of weird and wonderful songs outside the orbit of most other bands. From classic 60's, mod to metal, psychedelia to dance, glam rock to grunge, punk to ska and roots rock reggae and the downright weird, get on board the national express with Gethin Evans (guitars/vocals), Sean Hackett ( drums/percussion), Jon Price ( bass/vocals) and Nigel "drilla" Williams ( keyboard/vocals), and let these geezers take you on a magical mystery tour.
  • Spirit Of Boogie

    Spirit Of Boogie

    • Time: 9:15pm
    • Info: Spirit of Boogie are 12 of the Valleys best musicians playing the funkiest music around! A Supergroup funk band bringing together the finest musicians straight outta the valleys! Spirit of Boogie are 12 of the Valleys best musicians playing the funkiest music around! A bozo family of spaced out mothers intent on shifting your brains and moving your butts. Solid Grooves, Disconnecting the Mothership Connection, String cleaning, Jive turkying, All manner of bodacious awesomeness.                                                                                                              FRINGE WRITE-UP: Spirit Of Boogie Dance with the boogie get high. 'Cause boogie nights are always the best in town. Or so sung Heatwave in 1976. Fast forward about 40 years and it’s another bunch of chaps and chapettes singing and playing with identical gusto. Some might say with a bit more gusto than that of the original. Spirit Of Boogie call themselves the baddest and the downright craziest eleven piece funk mega band this universe has ever seen. And I’m not going to argue with that. No way. As they say: Got to keep on dancing. Keep on dancing. Spirit Of Boogie play The Clarence on Fringe Friday at 9.15pm.

Saturday 12th August

  • harrisons 2017

    The Harrisons

    • Time: 1:00pm
    • Info:  Two guitars and a trombone. It shouldn't really work, should it? But it does! Fabulous vocals and well known tunes. All the way from Bristol. They say: The Harrisons are a Bristol based trio with the unusual line-up of two acoustic guitars and a slide trombone. But don't be put off, it really works! Steve Treble, John Cornick and Al Thomas play a mix of country, standards, rock and roll and musical tunes. All three sing in close harmony as well as being veteran players of their instruments. You never know what's coming next.
  • Sicknote Steve 1 2016

    Sicknote Steve

    • Time: 3:00pm
    • Info:  I'm assuming here that Sicknote Steve could be a bit like Seasick Steve.  Do you like your blues played on rudimentary instruments and hollered as if your life depended on it? Do you long for the days when Seasick Steve played small clubs and didn’t command such a hefty entrance fee, well if you answered yes to the following couple of questions salvation could be in hand. Whilst stumbling around at Upton Blues Festival, we chanced upon Mr Sicknote Steve, a man who know’s a think about feral howling blues and recreating that authentic Seasick sound.
  • Fingertrap


    • Time: 5:00pm
    • Info: This is Fingertrap's third visit to Brecon Fringe. They're young and play ska-influenced tunes. They say: "Fun, quirky with enormous stage presence. Great live performers with excellent crowd interaction. Expect to be off your seats busting moves and throwing shapes to songs such as 'Until We Get There' and 'Return If Found'. Witness one of the best new bands to emerge from Wales." Little Miss Showoff.
  • quay st

    The Quay Street Band

    • Time: 7:00pm
    • Info:  Who knows what these guys are like? If you're a member of The Quay Street Band please send us a pic and a biog. ( please).
  • Jumping Jimmy and the Nice Guys

    Jumping Jimmy and the Nice Guys

    • Time: 9:00pm
    • Info: Jumpin’ Jimmy and the Nice Guys are an eleven piece soul band from South Wales. No matter what the event their mission is to create 'Good Vibes'. This can range from a room full of dancing people grooving to some rockin' soul or a bride and groom swaying their first dance away to our beat. The Jimmies are guaranteed to get you onto the dance floor.

Sunday 13th August

  • Oakdale Silver Band

    Oakdale Silver Band

    • Time: 1:00pm
    • Info:  Very good apparently. The Clarence kicks off its Sunday line-up with the traditional brass band spot.
  • ukoholix 2016 b


    • Time: 3:00pm
    • Info: Ukoholix are a Swansea based ukulele band doing sing along cover song from the fiftys up to today. They are one of very few bands that do live karaoke or 'karauke' as they call it. The band has only been going for one year and has been very popular in the pubs and clubs but weddings , birthdays and private partys are starting to overtake them.
  • kas ska 2017

    Ka's Ska Souls

    • Time: 5:15pm
    • Info: Ka's Ska Souls are a ten piece band playing a mix of Ska and Soul. This year will be their third year playing at the Fringe Festival and are looking forward to renewing friendships from previous years.  
  • The Semantics

    The Semantics

    • Time: 7:15pm
    • Info: The Semantics are back with a new lineup (again), a new greatest hits CD (?), and even some new songs. Once again a selection of class songs from Johnny Cash to Johnny Nash via Stones, Script, Daft Punk and just Daft. The only thing that’s predictable is the unpredictability of the set. From rock to reggae and maybe a little bit of gospel, just in case your soul needs saving. Playing two sets at the Workmans’ Club, Andy and de boyz are joined by the female voice that is Louise Gaw, so if you like harmonies, twin guitars and surprises, come on down
  • 4C 2017


    • Time: 9:30pm
    • Info: 4C do covers - classics and contemporary... Kasabian, Kaisers, Van Halen, Aerosmith, The Wombles, you name it. Featuring Billy Strangward on guitar and John Forsey at the mic, they rock like muthas...

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