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Address: Muse at Brecon, Glamorgan Street, LD3

Arts and community venue

Friday 11th August

  • The Jaw 2017

    The Jaw

    • Time: 10:00pm
    • Info:  Described by Yack Magazine as 'serving up a chin slapping plate full of balls with a heaping side order of ovaries...sure to melt your face to a slimy puddle of awesome', The Jaw are a never note perfect wit-post punk trio from Brixton. One third harsh on the ear, two thirds easy on the eye, they sing/shout weird pop songs about such everyday subjects as finding and falling in love with decapitated human hands and philosophising on what would happen in the world if it turned out god was gay. Performances from The Jaw often feature levels of boy-girl swordplay, radioactive makeup and skin on show some conservatives may find offensive. Amen. See the proof of you their marmite pudding at; Youtube:

Saturday 12th August

  • water and wine

    Water and Wine

    • Time: 5:00pm
    • Info: Bath-based acoustic duo inspired by the likes of Damien Rice and Glen Hansard. ‘spun on the silk of emotive strings and whispering vocals, there is a wistful passion at every twist and turn of these ambient folk spirits.’ After ten months separated by distance, Douglas Joshua and Holly Taylor are back together as Water & Wine.
  • minnie


    • Time: 6:00pm
    • Info:  Fresh from her debut at Mallyfest this young local performer continues to impress with her growing original songbook along with her own take on several classics. Bound for big school and bigger things.
  • single cherryshoe

    Single Cherryshoe

    • Time: 6:30pm
    • Info:  Lead singer from Cherryshoes, local pop noir legends, goes it alone with new material. In an electro Pop style. Lisa brings her unique voice to bare in new and wonderful ways, be sure not to miss the etheral delights of this marvelously talented artist.
  • The Dole Age

    The Dole Age

    • Time: 8:30pm
    • Info:  These 5 Merthyr boys put nothing but energy and passion into their live performances, they've been compared to the likes of The Libertines, The Housemartens and The Bluetones but you could never define their diverse sound. After a few line up changes, the boys are starting to conquer the local and national music scene, playing gigs all over the UK and gaining prime time radio play on BBC Radio Wales and various other radio stations building on their ever-growing fan base.
  • isi dee and band

    Isi Dee & Band

    • Time: 9:30pm
    • Info:  A northern lass with jazz in her bones and enough soul to fill an ocean, with a full band behind her and a tour bubbling away under the surface, Isi Dee and her band are a talent not to be missed!

Sunday 13th August

  • the moonbirds

    The Moonbirds

    • Time: 8:00pm
    • Info:  The Moon Birds are a 5 piece funk, soul and blues band from Merthyr Tydfil. Widely-renowned for their exceptionally mesmerising live performances, The Moon Birds are a fearsome force in the Welsh music scene, recently winning the highly acclaimed Big Gig 2016 competition and also being voted Cardiff's best live band at the 2017 Cardiff Music Awards.

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Brecon Fringe Festival 2017

Brecon Fringe Festival 2017 will take place from Thursday, August 10 - Sunday, August 13. There are 30+ venues again in 2017 with live music and other events taking place all over town and in nearby villages.

The 2017 programme will be updated shortly  but visit us our Facebook Page  and follow @BreconFringe for up to date news and comments in the meantime.


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