Plough Chapel, Brecon, interior Plough Chapel

Address: Plough Chapel, Lion Street, Brecon, LD3 7AU

Plough Chapel is an historic chapel, dating back to the 17th century. It holds its annual Flower Festival during Brecon Fringe Festival and also a Gymanfa Ganu, which is a service which celebrates 4-part hymn singing - all are welcome at both events

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Friday 11th August

  • Brief Encounter 2017

    Brief Encounter Duo

    • Time: 1:30pm
    • Info: Chris and Veronica Perrin play vintage jazz through to hits of the 1960s. With the occasional aid of a looper they play trumpet, clarinet, saxes, piano, melodica and percussion plus vocals They live in Northumberland but spent their 4th successful Winter season in Andalucia Spain. As well as freelancing with other bands, the duo are the front line of Cumberland Hot Shots, Lazy River Jazz Band and Northern Lights (Spain). Last year was their first visit to Brecon Fringe when they got some great reviews. They are very, very, happy to be here again! Find Us on Facebook at                                                                                                                                                                 FRINGE WRITE-UP:   Brief Encounter Duo Oooh, bored suburban housewifes and stern doctors smooching on railway stations in black and white, with smoke machines agogo. Well no, that’s Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard and Brecon train station shut down in 1964. Drat you, Mr Beeching. This particular Brief Encounter is duo Chris and Veronica Perrin, with trumpet, clarinet, saxes, piano, melodica and percussion agogo. It’s jazz with the aid of some new fangled digital looping. Huzzah for the 21st century! Brief Encounter Duo perform at The Plough Chapel on Fringe Friday and the RAFA Club and Ardent Gallery on Fringe Saturday.  

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Brecon Fringe Festival 2017

Brecon Fringe Festival 2017 will take place from Thursday, August 10 - Sunday, August 13. There are 30+ venues again in 2017 with live music and other events taking place all over town and in nearby villages.

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