Gremlins The Gremlin

Address: The Gremlin, 48 The Watton, Brecon, LD3 7EG

Telephone: 01874 623829

The Gremlin is a popular long-standing Fringe venue with a 3 day programme of Fringe events.

Programme details may change. Please check with venue

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Friday 10th August

  • Brecon Fringe Book

    Blurred Lines

    • Time: 6:30pm
    • Info:  Blurred Lines - awaiting details
  • barry and the mumblers 2018 a

    Barry and the Mumblers

    • Time: 9:00pm
    • Info: They say: Barry and the Mumblers are a feel good band, playing something for everyone. With a rock undertone, we will remind you of hits from the 50s to modern day!

Saturday 11th August

  • Midnight Hour 2017

    Midnight Hour

    • Time: 1:30pm
    • Info: The South Wales Argus said... "Midnight Hour are a four piece band playing well known songs from the 60's and 70's. I was told they were all well seasoned musicians with a wealth of experience playing the clubs and pubs of Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys. To be frank I was expecting the same old numbers being trotted out by unenthusiastic players like so many bands on the pub circuit, but right from the first number the singer grabs your attention with some wailing harmonica and gutsy vocals. Their set continues at pace with the band clearly enjoying every minute of playing live. No room for any bored musicians in this band. The lead guitarist, when he's given the nod by the dripping wet frontman can let rip on the fretboard with the best of them. This is no ordinary covers band, no, this is a covers band that you need to see."
  • Stokers Live

    The Stokers

    • Time: 4:30pm
    • Info: The Stokers are a good time rocking Rhythm and Blues band that take their influences from Dr.Feelgood, early Fleetwood Mac, and B.B. King. They also incorporate songs from The Blues Brothers and The Commitments soundtracks within their set list. Formed in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales in 2003 the Band were originally called “The Mean-Eyed Cats”, the band comprised of Allan ‘Lefty’ Jones (Lead Guitar and Lead Vocal) Andy Thomas (Bass Guitar) Steve ‘Shippy’ Shipman (Harmonica and Backing Vocals) GJ Williams (Saxophone, Lead and Backing Vocals) and Paul Williams (Drums). In March of 2009 they recruited Gavin James (keyboards) and in 2010 bolstered the sound further by recruiting Peter Walker (Guitar and Backing Vocals).    
  • kas ska 2017

    Ka's Ska Souls

    • Time: 7:30pm
    • Info: Ka's Ska Souls are a ten piece band playing a mix of Ska and Soul. This year will be their third year playing at the Fringe Festival and are looking forward to renewing friendships from previous years.  

Sunday 12th August

  • Brecon Fringe Book

    Mario Cruz

    • Time: 1:00pm
    • Info:  Mario Cruise - awaiting details
  • spectrums 2018

    The Spectrums

    • Time: 4:00pm
    • Info: A 5-piece 80s Synth-Pop / New Wave cover band from Aberdare. The band fly through hit after hit from the coolest side of the 1980s. Very energetic and ready to present their eager fan base with a synth-tastic punch of Electro tunes from artists such as OMD, Yazoo, Adam & The Ants, Soft Cell, Talk Talk, Depeche Mode and more...
  • Midnight Soul

    Midnight Soul

    • Time: 7:00pm
    • Info: Midnight Soul have been bringing pleasure to thousands for over 40 years. They play a unique mix of classic soul and contemporary music.

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