Hours 2019 The Hours Cafe and Bookshop

Address: The Hours Cafe and Bookshop, 15 Ship Street, Brecon, LD3 9AD

Telephone: 01874 622 800

The Hours Cafe and Bookshop is situated opposite Brecon Library and has a full programme of top class acoustic music over the Fringe.  It's a child friendly venue.

Licensed all weekend!

Programme details may change. Please check with venue

Refer to Map reference no. 17

Friday 9th August

  • Scribble Man gtr on head

    Scribble Man

    • Time: 7:00pm
    • Info: It's the infrequent return of Scribbleman to The Hours and The Tap with songs about deceased authors, moving to the countryside and parallel girls. There may even be some songs from Greed The Movie from the composer himself. Scribbleman - a lifestyle occupation. And one or two songs from new movie in production Bungalowland. (He may make an appearance at Brecon Farmers Market).

Saturday 10th August

  • Keith Little Trio

    Keith Little Swing Trio

    • Time: 3:00pm
    • Info:   The Hours say: Jazz impresario Keith Little is back with his Swing combo after playing to a packed wonky green shop last Summer. With Ceri Williams on trumpet and Robin Haimes on double bass, there’ll be Swing from the 40s, a touch of Dixie and a smattering of Shuffle besides. All the musical ingredients required for an absolutely swinging Saturday afternoon at the Fringe.  
  • Afternoon In Paris 2

    Afternoon In Paris

    • Time: 7:00pm
    • Info: The Hours say: 'They are the talk of the town every time they visit us and for very good reason. One of the hottest Jazz ensembles around return to The Hours with a sultry, smoky and exhilarating repetoire that melds all the very best of the Gypsy, Swing, Latin and Hot Club Jazz worlds. Yes, a feast of Jazz, Swing, Jump & Jive with maybe just a smidgen of Rock & Roll to truly make your Fringe Saturday night simmer. Don’t miss it!'

Sunday 11th August

  • Susanna Warren

    Susanna Warren

    • Time: 3:00pm
    • Info:  Vivacious front woman of Afternoon in Paris Susanna Warren is a supremely talented classical pianist and clarinettist who has gone on to perform jazz, folk, pop, reggae, blues and rock, picking up new instruments and styles on the way. This new more intimate incarnation shows her broad musical experience with exuberant eclecticism, cracking tunes and sharp lyrics in a joyful, poignant, sometimes cynical mix of sounds. She is joined by Jeremy Young on guitar for this paired down intimate session which will draw you into a highly personal and entertaining world of song.
  • calling card 2016

    Paul Keddle's Calling Card

    • Time: 7:00pm
    • Info: The Hours say: ‘It’s gonna rain brother, and it’s gonna rain hard, when the blues comes calling with it’s calling card’. Oh yes, it’s the one and only Paul Keddle and his cool as cats band of musical men with an evening of foot-tapping, hip-swinging, heart-stopping, sassy, smooth Rhythm & Blues to give you a Fringe weekend closer to remember... Hot. Danggg...'  

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