The Usk Inn The Usk Inn Talybont

Address: The Usk Inn , Station Rd, Talybont, LD3 7JE

 The Usk Inn in Talybont - just outside Brecon a couple of miles but worth the trip.

Saturday 11th August

  • Broken Rib

    Broken Rib

    • Time: 2:00pm
    • Info: This is what they say: 'From the ashes of Cilla Chinchilla rose the phenomenon that is Broken Rib. Channeling the pain of a collective mid-life crisis, this decrepit 3-piece have reworked some of rock's classic songs into a set that can best be described as unforgettable. Revered and re-varnished, this power trio will leave you begging for more gin. Don't be the ones who weren't there when Broken Rib changed everything...for ever!'
  • calling card 2016

    Paul Keddle's Calling Card

    • Time: 4:00pm
    • Info: The Hours say: 'It's gonna rain brother, and it's gonna rain hard, when the blues comes calling with it's calling card'. Oh yes, it's the one and only Paul Keddle and his cool as cats band of musical men with an evening of foot-tapping, hip-swinging, heart-stopping, sassy, smooth Rhythm & Blues to give you a Fringe weekend closer to remember... Oh yeah.'  

Sunday 12th August

  • shango & chef

    Shango & Chef

    • Time: 4:30pm
    • Info: Shango and Chef are a powerful djembe and guitar two piece that play a selection of rock and blues from the last 50 years. Soulful vocals, fancy guitar work and solid rhythms resuscitate the classics you know and love. A peppering of whimsical original songs season the tasty flavours and offer an insight into the writing genius of these two young men.

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